Frequently Asked Questions - References

FAQs - References

Perpustakaan Hamzah Sendut (PHS) FAQs are available for use by all library patrons and visitors.

For reference or research queries, please contact the Reference Counter on +(604) 653 5350 and

for general queries, please contact the i-Counter on +(604) 653 3720.

Library Catalogue is meant for searching library physical resources such as books, theses and media collections. You can simply do simple search via – then go to OPAC and key in your own keyword to search (it is very similar to google search:)

For more advanced searching skills, please ask our librarian or attend our research support training to learn tricks to search for resources efficiently.

Check out our training schedule here:

Request for microform can be made at the 2nd floor Perpustakaan Hamzah Sendut 1 (Microforms Collection Room) during office hour.

You can consult our librarian at i-counter (PHS 1) or Reference Counter (PHS) to solve your research problems. You can also set an appointment to meet our experts for in-depth consultation, but this one-to-one consultation service is applied only after you’ve attended our training courses. To register for our training courses, please register online here:

This means that the book might be missing or misplace. Therefore, please report to librarian in charge at i-counter (PHS 1). You will be asked to fill in searching form and our staff will try to find the book for you. If we cannot find it immediately, we will contact you as soon as we manage to find the book.

You can simply go to – then go to Discovery to search for journal articles. Discovery is our integrated search engine whereby it can crawl the articles directly from all library subscribed databases under single platform or gateway. Please attend our training on Information Literacy Skills Basic to learn further on how you can fully utilize Discovery to search for journal articles easily.

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