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In compliance with the State and University Public Health Guidelines as well as to ensure the safety of Library frontline staffs and users, Library journal service has moved to Journal-On-Demand service subject to the following:

  1. Please fill in the form completely and correctly a day before visiting Perpustakaan Hamzah Sendut 2 (PHS2) (No walk-in visit, by pre-booked only).

Journal On Demand Request Form

Journal-On-Demand Request Form

  1. Before proceed with the request, it is compulsory to the requestor to browse the availability of journal at OPAC:KRISALIS and Printed Journals List @ PHS

Printed Journal Search Guide

Guidelines for Journal Search @ KRISALIS

Printed Journal List

Printed Journals List @ PHS


  1. Journal applications will be processed within 1 working day.
  2. Incomplete form will not be processed.
  3. This service is limited to only 10 person per session with a maximum of 3 journals for each application.
  4. The requestor shall be informed on the time and date to come to PHS2 for requested journal reference. We will use email for any update. Please provide valid contact information. Any claim of not knowing or not being informed about the update will not be entertained.
  5. Journal-On-Demand reference will be available for 2 sessions as follows:
  • Morning Session: 9.00 am – 12.00 noon
  • Closed: 12.00 pm - 1.30 pm
  • Evening Session: 1.30 pm – 4.30 pm
  1. Please provide the reference and table number when you come to PHS2 for Journal-On-Demand registration process. Please bear in mind to always bring your student/staff card before entering the Library.
  2. The requestor is bound by the library rules and regulations and all Post-MCO SOP.
  3. For any enquiries, feel free to contact us:

The University has a serial collection of approximately 10,000 titles in its four campus libraries. These serial materials are available on print, microform and CD-ROM formats.
In the Hamzah Sendut Library, there are approximately 1,263 subscribed title and it receives another 2500 titles as gifts.

Subscription Policy
Each periodical subscribed must be approved by the University's Library Committee. Due to the high cost of subscriptions and annual increase in prices, a cancel-to-replace policy has been followed since the early 1980s.
The Library actively searches for serials available on exchange and as gifts to enhance its collection.

All serials added to the collection are catalogued and classified using AACR2 and the Library of Congress Classification Scheme. Catalogued serials are displayed/shelved at Hamzah Sendut Library 2. Holdings of each serial and the location of the volumes can be searched from the Library catalogue (KRISALIS).

Current Issues
Issues for the current year/volume of each serial received are displayed in classification order in the Current Serials Area (Level 1) at Hamzah Sendut Library 2.
A special display rack houses the most currently-received issue of several popular and in-great-demand periodicals. Previous issues of these popular serials would have been withdrawn and are kept in the Serials and Documents division Workroom.
Malaysian periodicals especially those received as gifts are kept in the Malaysiana and Archives Division in Hamzah Sendut Library where they available for reference only.

Unbound Back issues
Within the Serials and Documents Division Workroom are kept also unbound back issues and volumes for previous years of all serials. The Library catalogue (KRISALIS) will indicate whether a volume is in the process of binding. All unbound issues kept within the Serials and Documents Division Workroom as well as those in the process of being bound (i.e. sent to the Bindery) are available for reference on request.

Bound Volumes
Bound and complete volumes of periodicals are shelved on Levels 2 and 3 of the Hamzah Sendut Library 2. Back volumes on microform format can be referred at Level 2, Malaysiana and Archives Division in Hamzah Sendut Library. The Library Catalogue will indicate the location and reference number of such titles/volumes.

Serials on CD-ROM
Serials on CD-ROM which are mainly abstracts and indexes, are available for searching in the Reference Division.

The Hamzah Sendut Library subscribes to 8 local newspapers. Besides these, it receives 3 Malaysian newspapers as gifts (note *). The titles are:

  • Berita Harian & Berita Minggu
  • Borneo Post * 
  • Nanyang Siang Pau 
  • New Straits Times 
  • Overseas Chinese Daily News * 
  • See Hua Daily News * 
  • Star 
  • Sun* 
  • Tamil Nesan
  • Utusan Malaysia & Mingguan Malaysia


For further information, please kindly contact:

Husriati Hussain  
Assistant Chief Librarian / Head, Serials Division
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Tuan Sira Zawana Tuan Yaakub 
Senior Librarian, Serials Division
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Nor Azliza Ayob 
Assistant Librarian, Serials Division
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