Koleksi Mikrobentuk PHS / Microforms Collection PHS

Koleksi Mikrobentuk PHS

Koleksi Mikrobentuk PHS  mengandungi bahan sumber maklumat dalam format mikrofis dan mikrofilem yang perlu dibaca dengan menggunakan mesin pembaca bahan mikrobentuk. Koleksi ini boleh diakses di Bilik Bahan Mikrobentuk, Tingkat 2, Perpustakaan Hamzah Sendut 1, Universiti Sains Malaysia dari jam 8.30 pagi – 4.30 petang pada waktu pejabat.

 Sila hubungi talian 04-6535371 untuk maklumat lanjut.

 PHS Microforms Collection

PHS Microforms Collection consists of resources in the forms of microfiche and microfilms and can be read using the microform reader machines.
The collection is located at Microform Room, Level 2, Hamzah Sendut Library 1, Universiti Sains Malaysia and can be accessed from 8.30 am – 4.30 pm on working days.

Please contact 04-6535371 for further information.

The ERIC (Documents on Microfiche) is a microfiche collection issued by the Educational Resources Information Center (ERIC) which selects, indexes and abstracts documents and reports dealing with education and educational research. Documents from 1966 - 2000 are available on microfiche in USM Library.  
The microfiche are arranged consecutively by a six-digit  ED (ERIC Document) number (for example, ED 123678)
To link to an ERIC document that is online, use the following URL and change the ED number at the end to the one you need:  http://www.eric.ed.gov/contentdelivery/servlet/ERICServlet?accno=ED485166
Patrons can access the collection, print out paper copies or download them  from the microfiche using the Library's microfiche reader/printers.
Microfiche collection consistes of Colonial Office Files pertaining to British Malaya.

Microfilm collection consists of rare magazines and newspapers of old Malaya.

Straits Settlements Records / Rekod Negeri-negeri Selat (1800 – 1966)
Microfilm collection consists of records, correspondence, index to records of  administration of Straits Settlements of Malaya.