Training and Quality Management

Training and Quality Management Mission. 

i. Identify the training needs of library staff.
ii. Strengthen and enhance the library staff training program to meet the needs and well-being of the work in terms of being an intellectual, emotional and spiritual.
iii. Planning and implementing training programs leading to the development of human capital.
iv. Coordinate, manage and analyze data library staff training.
v. Making international standards as a guide in all the activities of the Library.

Objective Quality Division:

The library has set the objective of the Training and Quality Management as follows:
i. Ensure that all training received from external parties USM communicated to staff concerned no later than two (2) days after the approval of the Head of Department.
ii. Ensure that all requirements for the training program provided at least one day before the date of the program.


For further information, please contact:-

Ahmad Faris Hassan
Senior Librarian / Head, Training & Quality Management
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