Frequently Asked Questions - USM Thesis Online Access

FAQs - USM Thesis Online Access

For general queries about access thesis online, please contact via email Call +(604) 653 3031 / 3982 / 2518

Please follow the steps:-

i. Click “Off Campus Log In Via OpenAthens”

ii. Log in via USM email

iii. Scroll down, you will see “USM e-Thesis Collection (Within USM Net Only)” and click the link.

iv. If you could not find it, please click “Reset panels”. Then, try again scroll down and click USM e-Thesis Collection (Within USM Net Only) the same link.

iv. If, “Your connection is not private” appear, please click “Advanced” and click “Proceed to (unsafe)”.

v. Begin your searching on search box.

The EPrints website is an Open Access Repository@USM. It is open access website that purposely to share bibliographic information of thesis only. However, other materials are still containing the full text because the content is not restricted by USM policy and follow Creative Commons copyright license.

No. Please refer to Malaysiana and Archive Division (office hours) for further information.

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